What is BoomerSwap? is a Dapp on the Binance Smart Chain that allows you access to a fiat onramp, decentralized exchange, and staking rewards platform. You can buy and trade any token on the BSC with its contract address and you can stake $OKBOOMER tokens to earn rewards.


OKBoomer Token or $OKBOOMER is the native token of BoomerSwap. You will need $OKBOOMER to stake to earn rewards in the ‘Earn’ tab and in the future to access exclusive premium content from within the upcoming education modules. Currently, OKBoomer has a crypto education podcast (see here), a YouTube Introduction course(see here), and a new blog coming soon!

Why BoomerSwap?

We have a dedicated team with a growing community to educate you every step of the way. We have exclusive rewards pools you won’t find anywhere else based on our strategic partnerships with other projects. We have over 3000 holders and are growing.

How to use BoomerSwap?

Go to in your wallet’s browser.
Connect your wallet.
Buy, Sell, Trade, and Earn!

Where can I get more information?

You can follow the whole project at and get live updates from the team and community by joining the telegram here:
You can also read the entire BoomerSwap documentation here:




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